KAGERO PUBLISHING was founded in 1991 and took its current name in 1995. The founders and owners of the company are Joanna and Damian Majsak. KAGERO started its activities with the publication of the Air Show magazine. In 2001 the Publishing House started publishing books in Polish and English. Since then, over 1000 titles have been published by KAGERO PUBLISHING.

It collaborates with top-class authors, historians, illustrators and 3D graphic designers.


The originator of most publishing series, in terms of concept and graphic design, is Damian Majsak kagero@kagero.pl.


The person responsible for business contacts with bookshops, hobby shops and wholesalers is Joanna Majsak marketing@kagero.pl.

 KAGERO is not limited to publishing books. The publishing house organises air shows (Lotnicza Depułtycze), charity events, vintage car rallies and aeroplane rallies.