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Nr 10
Author: Mariusz Suliga, George Parada, Krzysztof Brandt
Pages: 52
Format: A-4

28 color ones
90 photos
history of construction
description of kit building
8 color drawings
3D scale drawings

During WWII the German had produced many specialistic armoured vehicles such as Sturmpanzer – storming tanks. They were used as heavy vehicles of infantry support and for fighting against fortifications.Sturminfanteriegeschutz III was the first vehicle of this type. In 1942 twenty four vehicles were produced and they took part in fights on Eastern Front (e.g. during siege of Stalingrad). Sturmpanzer IV BRUMMBAR built on the PANZER IV chassis was the next one. The heaviest and most powerful vehicle of Sturmpanzer type was Sturmtiger, which started its service in 1944. Sturmtiger was the effect of development of STURMPANZER BAR.