09 - FLAK Auf.Sd.Kfz.7

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Nr 9
Author: Mirosław Żelechowski, Mariusz Suliga, George Parada
Pages: 52
Format: A-4

28 color ones
139 photos!!!
history of construction

During WWII German armed forces used a big number of semi-track vehicles used as unarmed transport vehicles, platform for armament assembly as well as armed infantry carriers. As a result of connecting speed and maneuverability with off-road vehicle possibilities a semi-track vehicle was develop. These vehicles were very impressive but their production was complicated and expensive at the same time. Works on such vehicle were conducted during WWI, series of Marinwagen was produced then and developed in 20th and 30th. The vehicles were produced on Armament Dept. order and were divided into following classes (according to weight of vehicles been towed by them: light – 1 and 3 ton, middle – 5 and 8 ton and heavy – 12 and 18 ton). Between 1931-36 many German companies started works on these six types of tractor...