03 - PANZER III Ausf. L/M

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Nr 3
Author: George Parada, Stanisław Jabłoński, Waldemar Hryniewicki
Pages: 52
Format: A-4

28 color ones
119 photos
scale drawings in 1/35th scale
history of construction
description of kit construction

In 1936 a small weakly armed and armored Panzer I was the basic equipment of German panzer forces. It could not been treated as a combat vehicle, it was planned for training and communication on battle field purposes. Hitler’s power, limitation imposed by Wersal Treaty and technological war in Europe were the main factors, which had their influence on the future constructions of German panzer vehicles. Within 3 years before WWII outbreak the German technology started the impetuous development from light Panzer I to Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks, which became foundation of 3rd Reich successes.