The Battleship Tirpitz

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Superdrawings in 3D No 38
The Battleship Tirpitz – Stefan Dramiński 
ISBN 978-83-64596-69-8
100 pages
183 renders
Insert Poster A3 - comparison of both battleships of the Bismarck class

The Tripitz, sister ship of the legendary Bismarck, was the last battleship to be procured by the German Kriegsmarine. As fate would have it, she spent almost the entire war in Norway and although she never got a chance to use her guns against enemy warships, her existence alone was a major threat to Allied shipping. Being a “fleet in being” in the fjords of Norway, Tripitz tied up huge Allied resources to keep her in check. It is no wonder then that the Allies attempted to take her out of action at all costs and subjected Tripitz to countless air and surface attacks throughout her service career.